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Club House Rules

The TFFC Club waters are on the Farm Middelpunt between Belfast and Dullstroom in Mpumalanga.

There are seven dams available ranging from small to fifteen acres. These dams are stocked regularly with Rainbow Trout from 30cm upwards. There are also some very large Grass Carp in the dams but these are protected as they perform a valuable weed control function. The current Club Record for a rainbow trout is over 3,7kg. Some of the dams are also stocked with Brown Trout.

The Club offers accommodation in the form of an old renovated farm house consisting of eight bedrooms, a Lapa and a cottage which contain beds and mattresses. There is a lounge, bathrooms and showers, a kitchen with gas stoves, a microwave, fridges and deep freezes, and a variety of cooking utensils. There is hot and cold running water and electricity. There is cell phone coverage. The borehole water is quite safe for drinking through a purification system that is installed.

We limit our membership to 110. Our Membership fees are based on a monthly subscription which covers the Member, spouse and children under 21 plus a levy which goes towards the Club kitty for repairs and maintenance.

To join the Club, there is an application process which may entail being put on a waiting list. An Entrance Fee is required and you need a Proposer/Seconder who are already members of the Club.

Membership of the Federation of Southern African Fly Fishers (FOSAF) is also a prerequisite. Refer to the FOSAF website to join.

On becoming a Member, the number of visits to the farm is not restricted. The only condition governing visits is the availability of accommodation. Bookings for accommodation may be made up to three months in advance and are made through the Booking Officer who will advise whether rooms are available. There is no charge for accommodation although a daily fee per person is payable directly to the lady at the farm who performs such services as dishwashing, cleaning etc.

Members are subject to catch limits as defined in our club rules. Fish may also be returned but numbers are limited in order to protect the stock so as not to overly stress the Trout.

Members are entitled to take guests to the farm but not more than once a month. There is a guest fee which applies, a maximum of 2 guest rods, a guest room if required and a maximum of 4 people per guest party. No guests are allowed on long weekends unless sharing the member’s room or unless there is accommodation spare. Spare accommodation is defined as a spare room/s on the Monday of the week in which a long week‐end falls. If a public holiday falls on a Thursday or Friday, or a Monday or Tuesday, this will be deemed a long weekend.

Administration of the Club and management of the Fishery is jointly controlled by a Committee representing the Club and Dullstroom Trout Farm Ltd who are the Owners of the property. Routine maintenance of the facility and development projects are likewise a joint responsibility and frequently involve participation of the Members.

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